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Hello :) [May. 9th, 2008|08:28 am]
LJ United -- Standing Up For LiveJournal's Future!


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I found my way over here thanks to my better half. I fully support the goals and ideals espoused by this community. I've traded comments with insomnia and it's all cool. Thanks, insomnia!

I am also running for the LJ Advisory Board, even though chances are good I won't make it past the first culling. Be that as it may, here's my link if you're interested:


I would also like to make a pitch for randomposting whose link is over here:


The reason I decided to run has a lot to do with both my age, and my background. I am a geek of the old style; when I first dealt with a computer, you had to type everything into a dot matrix printer; when I started programming, I was using punch cards. You might say I "grew up" along with the Internet. I'm going to be 48 on the 15th.

As you can see, I'm no kid. I've had my knocks in life, and the combination with age has served to sand down the rough spots ;) I am generally known as being easygoing.

FWIW, I spent a term in the USAF, I have some college, and I am medically retired with Multiple Sclerosis. The latter is what gives me the time to do this.

I also happen to run one of the up-and-coming sites based on the LJ Open Source Code. It is called CommieJournal. I thought it was running around third in LJ clones but I've since been informed it's further down the line. Be that as it may, I am the coder of the two-person ownership and, with the help of some great people on my staff, we're constantly improving the site.

CommieJournal actually became a reality as a result of Strikethrough '07 and contains a lot of fandom and RP journals. We state everything up front in terms of the meager restrictions on content, and we made a promise that we'd never institute advertising.

LJ code is normally run in a Debian environment with command-line interface. I managed to get it to run on Fedora Core 6 with a CPanel interface, which I've been told is no small feat.

I am a very capable and diplomatic person for the most part, and if I did find myself on this Board, I certainly would keep my tongue in check, even if treated badly. However, I wish to take this time to remind everyone that there are real people behind those words and nicknames. Real people, with real feelings. In other words, if one find one's self affronted or offended by something someone else says online, perhaps that will serve as a reminder not to be so cavalier with one's trolling.

I am legendary for my level of patience, but even I have limits, and have been known to give someone the sharp side of my tongue.

I also run an IRC network and several websites. I am well-versed in basic web design and also in some graphic design. Both are self-taught.

Lastly, I spent 2 1/2 years as an AOL Volunteer Community Leader, back when they still had volunteers. I worked in the online roleplay section of the Gaming section (which I believe is either gone, or completely changed) monitoring message boards, online chat (Red Dragon Inn, anyone?) and heading up the website area.

If you would care to vote for me, click the link above. Even if you don't vote for me, please vote for randomposting. I also support rm; all three of us strongly ascribe to the tenets of this community.

What can I do, here? I am joining forces with like-minded individuals who have been protesting ever since the first instance SixApart deviated from the Standard of Conduct hyperlinked in the profile of this community. My protests have gotten louder and louder as time has gone by.

insomnia brought up the idea of cross-linked LJ clone sites, which I found interesting, because the first person I heard that idea from was swisscelt, who is helping me with CJ and at least one other person with a "sister" LJ clone site. I think it would be a fantastic idea and perhaps the "next step" in blogging.

I think we have a nice start to a "Movement", don't you? Let's keep up the momentum!

[User Picture]From: isogon
2008-05-10 05:39 am (UTC)
Man, that's ringing bells. Was this Red Dragon Inn located in Rhydin, by any chance?

And so I'm not taking us completely off topic, what are your positions on advertisements on livejournal and on basic accounts?
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[User Picture]From: magyarok_saman
2008-05-10 07:32 am (UTC)
Yep, it was in Rhydin. I was RDI Aibell, for reference.

I don't believe ads should appear on basic accounts. That's the first major mistake LJ made, IMO.
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